Located in Sidney, OH.  The Sidney Amatuer Baseball Commission and Bollinger Baseball have merged.  This will be the new official website the League!  We are a youth baseball league focused on providing nothing but the best baseball experience that youth sports can provide.

We pride ourselves on structuring our season, camps, and practices around truly teaching the fundamentals of baseball, partnered with "Bollinger Baseball and Softball Instruction."  The younger years of baseball for a player is supposed to be fun and about developing the love for the game and realizing potential in ones-self.  As well, as learning to love the game, these are very important years that can shape a kid's ability for years to come, into junior high school, high school, college, or for some even professionally.  Making sure we teach the game correctly from the Tee Ball ages, through coach pitch and early stages of kid pitch will give players the understanding they need moving into the next step competitively each year.




Educating players, coaches, and parents is the main goal of the league.  Let's have fun, learn, and develop great ballplayers into great people.


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