We are bringing a better baseball experience for all kids to get better and grow.  We will be offering a ton more instruction and sessions included in the league with professional instructors and high level practice plans.  So no matter what level you are at right now as a baseball player, you gain knowledge and learn the game of baseball, for development.


We are looking to fill multiple teams within the league to have players put in the best spot and situation possible to get better.  


We will be working on for the 2024 season multiple avenues of baseball for each level of player and the best experience.


Rec Baseball (Local Leagues)

Tee Ball (Ages 5and 6):

We will focus heavily on learning the game the right way and offering more camps and instructional sessions to keep the kids having fun.  Most importantly, we want to WANT to keep playing through coach pitch and kid pitch ages.


Coach Pitch (Ages 7 and 8):

In coach pitch, there will be a higher level incorporated into game situation, heavily focusing on getting kids used to balls being pitched to them, taking defensive situations and knowing where to make the play and much more!  We want to the next step in the game of baseball and ultimately, this step will get them ready to move into kid pitch!  A lot of camps and instructional learning opportunities will be incorporated in these sessions.


Kid Pitch (Ages 9/10, and 11/12):

The next step in playing baseball is moving into the kid pitch aged divisions, where baseball players really learn how to play baseball.  Our goal is to help they have higher baseball IQ's by the time they reach this point and are focused on playing real baseball at a faster pace.


Travel Baseball Opportunities (Semi-Local)

We will be utilizing this opportunity for our advanced players looking for a highly competitive play of baseball.  The league will ran in the Miami Valley area and farthest travel estimated would be 60 minutes.  This will be a great level for our advanced players to get in front of other really good baseball players and push them to be the best player they can be, but also the opportunity to improve during the season and team practices in the off-season.  There will be try-outs held for these teams.  This will open for the following age groups in 2024:

  • 9u
  • 10u
  • 11u
  • 12u


If you are interested, please register for our try-outs at the link below and select a date!