Baseball & Softball Training Sessions!


One thing we pride ourselves on, is being able to offer a professional level instruction within our league format.  This comes in a variety of ways between team practices, camps, coach's clinics, etc.


Our Instruction for the league is ran by Bollinger Baseball and Softball Instruction, based in Sidney, Ohio.  Additionally, private, group, and camp sessions are offered outside the league at the Bollinger Baseball/Softball Instruction training facility.  The programs are designed to assess a player's starting point and top areas of needed instruction, from there, a training plan is built to assist players in the correct ways of development.  Everyone has a starting point in baseball, whether you're a beginner, middle of the road, or advanced level player, you can receive high level instruction from top level instructors to help your player reach the next step of baseball ability! 


We want to make sure that players/parents know ALL the resources available to help them become the best and most confident baseball players and young people possible!


Lesson areas offered:

-Baseball and Softball Hitting

-Baseball and Softball Pitching

-Baseball and Softball Defense (catchers, infielders, outfielders)

-Strength and Conditioning


Below is a link to the facility's website where you can reach out and browse the many different services, from private 1-on-1 sessions, small group training sessions, private camps, and MUCH MORE!


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DISCLAIMER:  This is not a requirement of the league, but a resource for players/parents to gain extra training and instruction outside of league ran games, camps, and practices.