• Please have your players arrive 15 minutes (unless your coach asks for earlier arrival) prior to game time on game days.  Our goal is always to start on time so we can end on time.  If your player cannot participate in a game, please let your coach know as soon as possible so they can plan accordingly. 
  • Please encourage the volunteer officials.  They have a lot of responsibilities, and it is difficult to see everything that happens on the field.  More important, we encourage you to use opportunities when things seem unfair to teach your player that in all areas of life, we sometimes face things that seem unfair.  The question is, how do we respond.
  • We appreciate the time that our volunteer coaches and workers put in to make the league possible, along with our umpires and officials.  These people donate a lot of their time, we need to realize that bad calls or unideal scenarios will happen at times.  As a parent, player, coach, or fan:  if comments, threats (verbal or physical), vulgar language, or physical harm is our response towards another coach, umpire, or another player for any reason, not just in game, but practice/camp: if officials/coaches feel it is over the line: 

    You are subject to disciplinary action and/or dismissal from the league.  Threats and vulgar language towards umpires, coaches, and other players WILL NOT be tolerated. 

  • Games and practices MAY be held in poor weather conditions.  Any league cancelations will be sent through your coach.  If you do not hear from your coach, plan on playing.